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News:  Scholarships are now being provided to students at the technological colleges! With some current degrees in civil engineering, electrical engineering, and nursing, the orphans will be well equipped to prosper!

Help us create a New Day for Children

New Day for Children Foundation is a non-profit organization on a journey to secure a better future for children orphaned by the HIV/AIDS pandemic. In the Kingdom of Swaziland on the continent of Africa, New Day for Children is addressing the critical needs of food security and education for these deserving children.

For many children in rural Swaziland, hope for a better future is a difficult dream to achieve. The prevalence of HIV/AIDS in Swaziland is one of the highest in the world with more than 25% of the population presently infected. After decades of struggle, thousands of children have been orphaned or left vulnerable. For these children there are few options for acquiring technical skills and a secure future after high school.

Many of the orphans remain on homesites where there are no parents, no family, and no friends to feed them, educate them, or to provide any of their most basic needs. There are thousands of these "children run" families throughout Swaziland. Without the ability to care for themselves, these children are forced to live in unimaginable circumstances.

And what happens to the orphans that matriculate from high schools? When they graduate, most of them now have no families to support them or to guide them. And they have no trades to rely on. New Day For Children Foundation will provide scholarships to a technological college where they can learn a trade such as electrician, accountant, mechanical engineer, automotive mechanic, teacher, as well as many others.

We can all do something to relieve their suffering.

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